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Introducing Tonic Health–Our First Pre-Funding Activity

At Moksa Ventures, we are excited to announce our first pre-funding activity: Tonic Health.  Our investors and affiliates have joined Tonic Health’s existing investors in supporting the great team at Tonic Health.  We  look forward to helping the Tonic Health team continue to grow their company and bring their revolutionary product to market.

Tonic is revolutionizing medical data collection by making it more patient-friendly and less chore-like. This translates into greater patient engagement, more accurate data, improved patient screening and tracking and lower costs for healthcare organizations.  At Moksa Ventures, we like Tonic Health first and foremost for the great team, for the real business need it meets for healthcare organizations and for the elegant way it combines the best of modern design with great technology to solve a real-world problem.   Other observers cite engagement and “gamification” elements designed into the product.  Last year, Tonic Health CEO Sterling Lanier spoke about the importance of bringing a layer of patient engagement to efforts to digitize patient records.  A month ago, CNN featured the company, emphasizing the user-friendly interface that works well even for less tech-savvy patients.  TechCrunch also highlighted it last month as one of the top deals of 2012.  With our focus at Moksa Ventures on the game layer, we were excited to find such a perfect example of the importance of design and engagement in making technology work in the most serious (and HIPAA-compliant) of real-world applications.

Again, congratulations to the Tonic Health management and investor team.



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  1. Jonathan says:

    Great news, couldn’t be happier for both teams!